Departing Your Wedding in Style

Departing Your Wedding in Style

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 29th Oct 2014

It has been a long time tradition to see the married couple off in style from their wedding. Prior to leaving you may throw your bouquet and change your outfit. The send off is often shown with just married signage on your car or loud tin cans hanging behind your car. 

Tossing the Bouquet:
Today, the tradition of throwing the bouquet involves the belief that the single woman who catches it will be next to marry. This tradition actually began in England where women used to rip pieces of the bride's dress for good luck. the bride would throw her bouquet instead to escape and keep her dress intact.

Tin Cans Attached to the Newly Married Couple's Car:
This ancient tradition of tying tin cans on the couples car originated from a belief that the loud noise would frighten evil spirits away.

When decorating your car, add our lovely Just Married decal to your back car window. A gorgeous way to announce that you are married.

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