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A lolly buffet is a popular dessert option at weddings and other special events. It typically consists of a table filled with various types of candy and sweets, allowing guests to create their own custom dessert by selecting their favorite treats.

There are many different supplies that are needed to create a successful lolly buffet. The most important item is the candy itself. A wide variety of candies should be included, such as gummies, chocolates, and hard candies. 

In addition to the candy, other supplies that are needed for a lolly buffet include containers for displaying the candy, scoops or tongs for guests to use to select their treats, and labels or tags to identify the different types of candy. Containers for displaying the candy should be chosen carefully. They should be clear, so that the candy is visible, and should be large enough to hold a generous amount of candy. Glass jars, apothecary jars, and acrylic containers are all popular options. Scoops or tongs should be provided for guests to use to select their candy. These should be made from food-safe materials, such as plastic or stainless steel. Labels or tags should be used to identify the different types of candy on the lolly buffet. These can be as simple as small signs placed next to the candy, or can be more elaborate, such as tags attached to the candy containers.

Having a lolly or candy buffet at your wedding, party or special event is a lot of fun for your guests as well as adding a spectacular display to your decor. Having a bag or box to fill with sweets, also doubles as a great favour for guests to take home.