Use these wedding reception decorations and ideas to give a finishing touch to your wedding.  

An inexpensive option for filling centrepieces includes our water crystal soil balls, available in a variety of colours to suit your decor and decorating colour theme. The crystal soil aqua beads when expanded are perfect for filling wedding centrepieces or to give a decorative touch to flower vases. 

Our stunning crystal confetti (acrylic diamonds) which look like tiny diamonds, are perfect for scattering on your wedding tables to create a beautifully decorated reception area. They are perfect for scattering around your centrepieces, along tables and on your cake and present table for a dramatic and stunning effect. The scatters are great for adding a little bling to your wedding reception or dinner table and to give an expensive look. A mix of two colours gives a lovely effect on your tables.  We also love a mix of sizes to give a stunning effect to your tables. Use sparingly or liberally depending on your budget and taste. 

Our hanging paper pom poms are perfect for decorating any event. They create a great effect on a budget.