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What Wedding Songs Do You Need?

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Music is a big part of your wedding day and needs some careful planning and decisions to be made. Use this handy list of special moments in your day to choose music for:


* Prelude - As guests arrive and are being seated

* Processional - Bridal Party Entering and Bride's Entrance

* You may also choose music for events during the ceremony such as a unity ceremony

* Signing the certificate

* Recessional - When couple and guests leave


* Reception Entrance 

* First dance

* Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance

* You may also choose music for any other family dances, or bridal party dances

* Reception Music - You may choose all or some of the music. It is handy to have a Do Not play list also.

* Cake cutting

* Garter Toss

* Bouquet Toss

* Farewell/Exit song


* If you are having a cocktail hour, or spending time away having photographs between the ceremony and reception, choose some nice background music for your guests.

* A nice addition to your day is to have some wedding morning music for when you are getting ready.

What Wedding Songs Do You Need

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