Wedding DIY: 5 Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

Wedding DIY: 5 Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

14th Apr 2015

It's easy to do your own makeup on your wedding day if you have the right makeup and supplies. As long as you have some knowledge about applying makeup, these tips and tricks are a girls best friend when it comes to makeup on her special day!

Prep Your Skin

Don't use any new face products on your wedding day. Develop a routine (with the assistance of a professional) weeks before your wedding day for an improvement in how your skin looks. The base for a great makeup application is taking care of your skin!

Consider False Lashes

Since you've likely hired a photographer for your wedding, consider wearing false lashes on your wedding day. If you have never worn them before, a local makeup counter such as Sephora or MAC can teach you. The lashes look natural in photos and draw attention to your eyes, making them appear larger and the false lashes give that look of fullness.

Use a Setting Powder or Spray

Once you have completed your look for the day, make sure you finish it with a spray that will seal your makeup and help it stay looking pristine. If you are using a translucent finishing powder, apply this after you complete your foundation and then continue as normal for your eye makeup, lipstick and blush.

Make a Touch Up Kit

This can be very easily forgotten, but don't be one of those brides! Bring a small clutch with your lipstick, blotting paper (for oily skin), your finishing powder or spray, lash glue (if you are wearing false lashes) a couple Q-tips and some tissue.

Use a Lip Stain

Lip stains are easier than lipstick or gloss and often do exactly as they say: staining your lips the color you chose and giving you a long-lasting look throughout the day. Keep in mind that stains can leave your lips dry, so be sure you also pick up a hydrating lip balm to put on following the use of the stain. 

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