Using Pinterest for your Wedding Planning

Using Pinterest for your Wedding Planning

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 25th Feb 2014

Pinterest is full of beautiful images and inspirational ideas. Planning your wedding can be hard work. Using a site like Pinterest can help you keep all of your ideas together and organised. Pinterest allows you to collect and organise your images on different boards to aid in your wedding planning and put together a picture of your whole wedding. Pinterest is a virtual pin board. Just like you would have cut pictures from magazines and placed them on pin boards, you can do this online with Pinterest and have a much larger range of images to choose from.

You can pin images from websites using the Pinterest pin button you will find on many websites, upload your own photos and also re-pin from other people’s boards. Search on Pinterest for a huge amount of beautiful wedding images and ideas to help you plan. You can search for anything just like when you do a Google search. You may search wide such as wedding dresses, or more specific such as rustic wedding centerpieces. When you first begin, you may pin a lot, anything that takes your fancy. Then over time, you can be more select and focus your vision for the wedding you are aiming for.

It helps if you can keep each board to a different focus. If you are too broad like “wedding ideas” it will not be organised enough to help you. You might like to have a board to keep together all of your ideas for your centerpieces for example. On this board you could pin images showing the colour of your table runners, style of vase, flowers for the centerpiece, place card style, scatters and other table decorations.

Other ideas for your boards on Pinterest could be: stationery design, bridal dress and accessories, bridal party clothing and accessories, flowers, ceremony décor, lolly buffet, table decorations, other reception décor and even honeymoon destinations. Having these ideas can also help when you visit your wedding vendors, for example showing your flower board to your florist will give them a clear indication of the flower design you are aiming for. You can pull up your Pinterest boards and allow vendors to fully understand your vision for your day.

Having your images organised this way also allows you to share with your bridal party and friends in order to get their opinions and help with planning. A warning though, Pinterest can become highly addictive.

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