I Spy Wedding Camera Game Ideas

I Spy Wedding Camera Game Ideas

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 15th Apr 2016

Having an I Spy Camera Game is great to keep kids busy at your wedding, or allow all guests to join in and get some extra great candid photos throughout the reception.

Simply provide cameras on the guest's tables and give an "I Spy" list of photos that guests must take throughout the night. 

Choose from these photo ideas to include in your I Spy list:

* Group photo of everyone at your table

* Photo of the Bride and Groom

* Someone making a toast

* The worst dancer

* People laughing

* Groom talking to guests

* The Mother of the Bride with the Bride

* Someone hugging or kissing

* Children smiling

* Groomsmen

* Bridesmaids

* Your favourite decoration

* Something funny

* A yummy treat

* People at the bar