How to Keep Children Happy at Your Wedding

How to Keep Children Happy at Your Wedding

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 15th Aug 2016

To invite children or not invite children to your wedding? The decision ultimately lies with you and there are many factors to take in to consideration when deciding.

If you do choose to have children present at your wedding, there are some extra things you may wish to plan.

* Seating Arrangements

Decide whether you would like a separate children's table, which is often well suited to children aged 7-14. You may choose to sit younger children further away, even an adjacent room with a baby sitter where they will be free to move around and make more noise particularly during the more formal parts of the night. Plan for high chairs if needed also.

* Food

Serving children's meals often not only keeps the children happy, but is often a more inexpensive choice.

* Entertainment

Some craft supplies, toys or entertainment to keep the children occupied is important. You may be able to organise this in an adjacent room. 

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