How to Create the Perfect Winter Wedding

How to Create the Perfect Winter Wedding

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 11th Jun 2014

Does your ideal day involve cozying up in front of a fireplace rather than spending it on a beach? If you are a cold weather lover, having a winter wedding may be your perfect choice. Not always the most common season for weddings, winter can be a cozy time of year to tie the knot. Themes could include Christmas in July, or a sparkly frozen theme. There are some things to consider when having a wedding in the winter months.


Your outfit needs to be practical for the winter months. Choose dresses with sleeves, or if you love your sleeveless dress think about adding a bolero or shawl to add some warmth. Also accessories with elegant satin or lace gloves to keep your fingers warm. It may not be the most sexy addition, but consider thermal underwear as a practical addition to your outfit.


Think about your winter wonderland wedding setting. If having an outdoor ceremony, you might prefer to choose a time in the middle of the day, when it is a little warmer. Think about having a warm indoor reception area to retreat out of the colder weather.

Little Touches:

Have warm drinks available for your guests, and maybe a couple of blankets handy. Your bomboniere could include little gloves or mittons. Think about the little decorating touches to your winter wedding. Accessorise with candles to give a warm glow to your reception, just like a fireplace.

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