Having an Unplugged Wedding

Having an Unplugged Wedding

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 28th Dec 2014

Are you wondering whether you should have an unplugged wedding?

It is lovely to see guests put away their phones and be truely present in enjoying your special occasion.

It can also be terrible to see many professionally taken photographs ruined due to guest getting in the way of the photographer's camera or having photos ruined due to other flash cameras at the time.

Another aspect of having an unplugged wedding is whether you would like to ask guests to withhold posting photographs of the day on social media until after you are able to post some photos if you so wish.

If you choose to have an unplugged wedding, it is wise to pass this information on to your guests. This can be done through adding a note to the invitations, placing a decorative sign at your wedding informing guests, or your celebrant can announce it before the ceremony. 

Here are some ideas for wording which can be used in your invitations or made into a decorative sign to display:

* The Bride and Groom request the joyful sight of your smiles without the distraction of any electronic devices or cameras.

* Love is sweet, this wedding is quick, stay in the moment, so I can take your pic. We request that no photos be taken during the ceremony.

* Please no photography until after our first dance.

* There's a guy here taking pictures, we asked him to come. So please rest your cameras, our ceremony only needs one.

* Welcome to our unplugged wedding! We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony, please turn off all mobile phones and cameras. Thank you!

* We are honored to share our day with you. Please keep this event private by not sharing photos from today on social media until after we do. Thank you.

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