Green Wedding Ideas to Inspire You

Green Wedding Ideas to Inspire You

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 10th Jul 2014

Green is often a popular colour chosen for weddings. Whether you choose a pastel aqua or mint green, a lime green, or a more deeper teal green, or even a combination of layers of different greens, the possibilities are endless. 

Some colour combinations which work well are:

* Lavender and Mint
* Mint and Grey
* Aqua, Mint, Coral, Peach and Pink
* Fuchsia and Emerald Green
* Purple and Green
* Latte, Ivory and Evergreen

You may think that only foliage comes in green. Think again. Green flowers to choose from for your colour scheme can include green roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids and gladiolus. Alternatively, use plenty of green foliage with lighter flowers or another colour from your colour scheme.

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