10 Budget Wedding Tips

10 Budget Wedding Tips

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 7th Jan 2014

Weddings can be very expensive. Many couples are looking at ways to keep costs down. These are our top budget wedding tips to help you have a lovely yet affordable wedding celebration. 

1) Reception
Your reception takes a very large percentage of your budget. Try to keep your guest list down to save costs. A more intimate reception with close friends and family can be lovely. Be creative with your reception venue. Check out local restaurants and clubs, or you may wish to hire a hall.

2) Alcohol
This is an area where you can save a lot of money. Many couples are including a cash bar at their wedding. Alternatively, you may choose to provide beer, wine and soft drinks only at our wedding. Guests can then be free to purchase any additional drinks themselves that they may choose.

3) Day of the Week
Often you are able to have the full trimmings for much less if you have your wedding on a day which is not a Saturday. Alternatively, having a breakfast or a lunch reception can be a great way to save on reception expenses. You can also serve a smaller meal or finger food at these times. Also, check the specials some venues have for the time of year.

4) Photographs
Many people still realise that the photographs will often be your one thing you will still have for years to come. So it is important to have a professional photographer to capture the moments on your special day. To keep costs down, you may choose to have a more limited time and location package from your photographer. You can have a more affordable package by having the photographer capture moments at the ceremony and just part of the reception time. Ask family or friends to photograph other moments such as when the bride is getting ready and later at the reception.

5) Dress
Wedding dresses can easily blow your budget. Try finding a local dress maker who may be able to create you a unique wedding dress according to your style. Consider whether you would prefer to hire your wedding dress. Keep an eye out for end of season sales. Bridesmaids can buy a cocktail dress from a boutique shop.

6) Flowers
Flowers do look lovely and add to the decoration of your ceremony and reception. Think about the flowers you love, they can often be much cheaper than the traditional roses. Check the month of your wedding and what flowers are in season at that time.

7) Wishing Well
Many couples are including a wishing well at their reception for guests to give a monetary gift to the happy couple. Often for guests at weddings, it can be a convenient option instead of shopping for a gift to buy for the couple.

8) Cake
Check with your reception venue to see whether your wedding cake can also be served as dessert. Many cake makers are able to provide you with beautiful mud cakes of all kinds of flavours which make a lovely dessert.

9) Transport
Scout around you family and friends to see if anyone would be willing to donate their nice cars for the day. 

10) Budget suppliers
Find suppliers like Gem's Wedding Supplies where you are able to buy accessories and decorations without breaking the bank.