Tips For Planning a Winter Wedding

Tips For Planning a Winter Wedding

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 22nd Oct 2018

Selecting the time of year and the date for your wedding takes a lot of consideration. Choosing a winter weddings can be magical but also needs some additional things to consider for the more cooler weather.

There are definitely some positives for having a winter wedding. Since many ceremonies take place during the more popular spring and summer months, it can be easier to book the venue and vendors of your choice as there may not be as much competition for the cooler months.

Keep in mind the following tips to ensure a perfect winter wedding:

Keep Warm

You don't want to be cold, so think of investing in some accessories to keep warm. Additions such as a gloves, a faux fur stole, lace coat or a long sleeved dress can keep the chill off you. Think of wearing enclosed shoes or boots instead of strappy heels. Also keep this in mind for your bridal party accessories to keep them comfortable too.

For Your Guests

Add some small touches to your wedding for your guests to keep them cozy. Having warm drinks available for your guests is a nice simple idea and have blankets available for their use. Consider some warming winter favour ideas like cookies, small bottles of spirits and sparklers.

Create a Cozy Reception

If your ceremony is outside, and you are having photos taken afterwards, ensure guests are not left outside getting cold. The sun goes down early in winter, so candles and other warming decoration ideas will give a romantic and warming effect to your wedding reception area. Embrace the season with rich warm colours to help add a cozy feel.

Embrace the Season

There is a lot to love about the chilly weather so make the most of the winter weather season for your wedding. Winter wonderland weddings can be truely magical with the romantic ambiance of a snowflake landscape. Just put some extra planning in to cater for the season and ensure everyone is warm and comfortable.