Wedding Day Emergency Kit: A Handy List

Wedding Day Emergency Kit: A Handy List

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 22nd Jun 2015

Your wedding day does not always go just as planned. You may wish to be as prepared as you can be for any hiccup that might come along on your special day. For your peace of mind, consider making a Bride survival kit. If you are a Maid of Honour, you may want to prepare this for the bride. You may wish to pack this in our gorgeous Bride tote bag. 

Keep the survival kit handy throughout the day, when getting ready as well as nearby during the Ceremony and Reception. Some great items to add "just in case" are: 

* Baby wipes

* Hairbrush, comb and hairspray

* Clear nail polish, nail glue, emery board

* Backs for earrings

* Double edged tape

* Small sewing kit 

* Scissors

* Bobby pins

* Safety pins

* White chalk - great for masking stains 

* Straws 

* Razor

* Deodorant

* Make up remover and spare makeup

* Moisturiser

* Toothpaste, brush, dental floss

* Breath mints

* Medicines such as panadol, allergy tablets

* Contact lenses and solution (if applicable)

* Eye drops

* Cotton buds

* Blotting papers

* Baby powder

* Tissues

* Tweezers

* Spare underwear

* Stockings

* Tampons and pads

* Lint roller

* Mini first aid kit

* Sunscreen

* Super glue

* Snacks

* Ballet flats

* Copy of wedding day schedule and phone numbers

* Phone charger

* Cash

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