How to Create the Perfect Summer Wedding

How to Create the Perfect Summer Wedding

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 3rd Nov 2015

If your ideal day involves sunshine, beautiful blue skies, and sipping champagne is a lovely garden or beach location you may have chosen summertime for your wedding day. However there are some things to consider when having a wedding in the summer months. You don't want mother nature making the day uncomfortable for you and your guests. Some tips to plan for your summer wedding:

Keep Cool:

Think about the best time of day for the chosen location, particularly if outside. Check out shady areas of your outside areas, or add umbrellas. Consider hiring air conditioning units or large fans depending on your location.  Have plenty of water available to avoid dehydration. Also provide hand fans, sunscreen and have some insect repellent handy too.


Consider lighter natural fabrics for your clothing. A shorter dress is often more comfortable. Accessories such as umbrellas and flat shoes (or use some starlettos to avoid sinking in grass) are a practical addition. 


Take adequate preparations to keep your food cool and protected from insects in the warmer weather. Keep foods refrigerated or on ice particularly for foods which may be prone to perishing faster. Provide lots of ice, water and frozen drinks are often welcomed.

Planning a Summer Wedding