Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

Bridal Shower Games and Ideas

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 18th Mar 2014

Along with having some lovely food, drink and conversations, games at your bridal shower can add an element of fun to your party. At your bridal shower you may wish to choose activities and games which are suitable for all ages. Have some prizes to hand out to guests to add some excitement.

Here are a selection of games to choose from which are suitable for all ages.

Ring Hunt:

Hide plastic diamond rings around your house. Guests are to find and collect them throughout the party time. The guest with the most rings on at the end of the party wins.

Chink and Drink:

Either at the beginning of the party or throughout, call out a group of people that the bride belongs to. The guests belonging to the group (eg. work friends, gym buddies, known the bride for more than 10 years), have to "chink and drink" with the other members of that group.

Handbag Scavenger Hunt:

Have a list of items that a woman might have in her handbag. As each item is called out the guest who finds the item first wins a point. More points can be given for more difficult items.

Bride Advice:

Have guests write a piece of advise on a card. The bride reads them out to everyone and also the cards become a keepsake.

Two Truths and a Lie:

Guests take turns saying two truths and one lie about the bride. Other guests write down the number of the fact they think is false.

Groom Quiz:

Have one guest (eg. Maid of Honour) ask the groom 10 questions about the bride and their relationship before the party. Then at the party, the bride is quizzed to see if her answers match.

Wedding Dress Game:

Using toilet paper, groups of guests are to dress one person in the group as a bride. Best dressed, best veil etc can win prizes.

Happy Ever After Story:

At the top of a page, write "Once upon a time, a girl named ___ met a boy name ___". Then pass it around throughout the party, and each person adds a sentence, only seeing the last few words of the previous sentence. Once it has been added to by everyone, it can be ended with: "and they both lived happily ever after!" The story can then be read out.

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