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After Your Wedding Day - Top 10 To Do List

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The big day is over. What next? Don't forget to do these important tasks:

1. Send thank you cards to guests. Check out the thank you cards we stock to make this easy.

2. Take your dress to the dry cleaners.

3. Work with your photographer to choose photos for enlargements and albums.

4. Exchange any duplicate presents.

5. Organise financials with your new spouse.

6. Tackle legal paperwork and make any changes as needed.

7. Sell or find a use for your wedding decor.

8. Change your name. Follow our Tips for Changing Your Name After Marriage.

9. Understand that you will go through some emotional ups and downs now that the big day is over.

10. Enjoy the fun of being married!

After Your Wedding Day - Top 10 To Do List

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