What is the role of Flower Girls, Ring Bearers, Page Boys and Ushers?

What is the role of Flower Girls, Ring Bearers, Page Boys and Ushers?

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 7th Aug 2018

Just like the main roles of the bridal party such as the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids, the other younger bridal party members also have a special role to play. Often neices and nephews are chosen to be part of the wedding ceremony or children of close friends. If the couple already have children of their own, it is a lovely way to include them in the special day.

Ring Bearers

The Ring Bearers are responsible for bringing the wedding rings down the aisle for the ceremony. They usually come down the aisle before the Flower Girl or can escort the Flower Girl down the aisle. The rings are often carried on a ring pillow or in a box. If your ring bearer is young you may choose to use fake wedding rings and have your Best Man hold the rings for safe keeping.

Flower Girls

This is one of the most adorable roles of a wedding. Flower Girls decorate the aisle with beautiful flowers before the Bride walks down. Along with the bridal party, the Flower Girl helps to direct the attention of all in attendance to the main attraction, the Bride. The flowers also act as a beautiful decoration in pictures and videos helping to give a magical feeling to any wedding.

Page Boys

Traditionally, page boys will help carry the train of the bride to make sure nothing is tangled or stepped on. For this reason, Page Boys are generally older than ring bearers as some skill is needed to control the Bride's train correctly. Alternatively Page Boys can escort the Flower Girls and the Bride can have their Bridesmaids help with their train.


Ushers help to make sure that everyone is seated and taken care of. This role is particularly useful if you have a large amount of wedding guests attending. This can be a more difficult role, so an older child is more suited to this role, this could include cousins or brothers. They can also hand out anything needed such as order of service books or bubbles or confetti if you are having this after the ceremony.

The roles of Ring Bearers, Flower Girls, Page Boys and Ushers are both ornamental and symbolic. They are optional additions to your wedding but a lovely way to include children who are close to you into your special day. These roles are part of a long tradition that help to add a magical quality to your wedding ceremony.