How to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

How to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Posted by Georgina Bennett on 11th Mar 2017

It is natural to feel sad about a lost loved one who is not able to be with you on your wedding day. You may wish to honor them in some way on your wedding day. Whether you have lost a loved one in the weeks preceeding your wedding, or whether you would like to remember a loved one who has passed some time ago, these following ideas give you a range of options to choose from. 

10 Ways to Honor Your Lost Loved Ones at your Wedding:

* Wear or carry an item of theirs such as a piece of jewelry.

* Attach a photo in a locket to your bouquet, brooch, cufflinks or even your shoes.

* Display a photo of your loved one at your ceremony or reception. 

* Leave a seat for them. You could add a photo, a reserved sign or a special momento to the seat.

* Include in your ceremony program "In loving memory of"

* Incorporate something they loved, a favourite flower or song into your day.

* Light a candle.

* Include a moment of silence.

* Toast them during your reception.

* Consider the loved one when planning your favours. Donate to charity in their honor, or incorporate their favourite recipe.

How to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding