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How Much Alcohol Do I Need for a Wedding?

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There are a few choices when it comes to providing alcohol at your wedding. Your reception may offer a drinks package, or you might opt to cover a bar tab. Alternatively you may be purchasing the drinks yourself if having your wedding reception at a self hosted venue such as a hall or backyard celebration. Use our handy tips if you are planning a DIY drinks package to stock up for your wedding.

Before you decide on how much alcohol you will need, firstly you need to decide which drinks you will be providing, according to your taste and budget. Offering beer and wine is a popular choice, as this can keep costs down. You might also like to add a signature cocktail. A full bar involves serving spirits / liquor also. Don't forget to also offer softdrinks (for mixing and for those not drinking alcohol) and plenty of water.

If offering wine and beer to your guests, keep it simple by offering just a couple of varieties in each drink option. Offering 1 or 2 white wines, and 1 or two red wines and a bubbly variety will suffice. Offer a light or mid strength beer and a full strength beer and maybe a craft beer.

If you are opting for a full bar, include standard liquors such as vodka, gin, scotch, bourbon, tequila, whisky, rum. Also plan mixers of softdrinks and juices such as coke, ginger ale, club soda, tonic, orange and cranberry juice. You might also like to include some garnishes.

Think about your family and friends and which drinks they prefer to help you decide what drink choices to opt for. Think also whether they are heavy or light drinkers to decide on the amount to stock. A good rule of thumb is 2-3 drinks for each guest during the cocktail hour, and one drink for each hour after. Some will drink less and some will drink more.

How Much Alcohol Do I Need for a Wedding?

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