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Tissue Paper Pom Poms Hanging Decorations

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Tissue paper pom poms are an inexpensive way of adding a little wow factor to your wedding, baby shower or party. Our pretty paper pom poms can be hung from the ceiling, or outside on trees. Mix and match colours and sizes for a stunning effect.

When you receive your tissue paper pom poms they will be flat. Decide how you would like the ribbon to be attached around the middle of the pom pom. You may wish to change this depending on how you are going to hang the decorations. Spread open the tissue paper strips like a fan. Then carefully pull the strips of tissue paper one by one. As the tissue paper is very thin, you may find some tear, but this will not be noticeable with the finished product. Once you have pulled apart all the strips, gently press the pom pom into a nice round shape. Hang your pom pom decoration above your party area. They look great above lolly buffet tables.

See also our Utube video to help see how to make your pompoms.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

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