13 x Bags of Crystal Soil Gel Beads


You will receive one bag of each colour of crystal soil: pink, gold, white, purple, yellow, black, dark green, clear, orange, light green, red, blue, multicoloured.
There are 10 grams in each bag of these water crystal soil balls.
Please note that you will notice some other sellers selling smaller 5 gram packs.

Simply place the aqua crystal soil beads in a container. Fill the container with water (around 1.5 litres). Allow 6 to 12 hours for the beads to soak the water up (keep submersed during this time). Then drain off the water. Your crystal soil will now be ready to place into a vase. After some time, the Crystal Soil will begin to shrink as it "dehydrates" (particularly if the weather is hot). You can simply add more water to refill the beads.

Each Crystal Soil bead expands to around 1 cm across. Each 10 gram pack makes around 5 cups of beads when fully expanded.
The Crystal Soil beads when expanded are perfect for wedding centrepieces or to give a decorative touch to flower vases. 
For such an inexpensive price, they give such a exquisite decorative touch. The range of colours that you receive in this pack look absolutely stunning.

We sell the single colours of our Crystal Soil in our store to suit your decor and decorating colour theme.

Please note: Do not put used Crystal Soil down your drain or into waterways. Do not eat.