Beige Bandelettes Anti Chafing Unisex Thigh Bands


Let these Bandelette thigh bands protect your skin and prevent chafing thighs. Bandelettes are a thigh band designed to stay put on your thigh, and give you comfort and protection against thigh chafing all day long.
These are genuine Bandelette brand.

These Bandelettes are are an elastic thigh band with non slip silicone. They lightly wrap thighs and prevent skin on skin rubbing.
See in store for our pretty lace bandelettes.

The solid Bandelette bands measure 5.5" from top to bottom.
Purchase a range of colours (black, beige) to suit your outfits, and also our lace thigh bands (available in white, beige and black) in store.

Use a flexible tape measure to measure around your thigh while in standing position where you plan on wearing Bandelettes (the widest part).


21-22" (53-56 cm) A
23-24" (58-61 cm) B
25-26" (63-66 cm) C
27-28" (68-71 cm) D
29-30" (73-76 cm) E
31-32" (78 cm-81 cm) F

If your measurement falls in between sizes, we suggest to size down.
We strongly suggest to measure your thigh, please do not guess your size.

Hand wash your Bandelettes in cold water with mild detergent and air dry.