1 x 37cm Tissue Paper Pom Pom


This listing is for one tissue paper pom pom, simply purchase the amount that you require.
Choose the colour you require when purchasing.
We also sell a lot of 10 tissue pom poms in our store for better value.

This tissue pompom comes flat and you need to puff the pom pom up. You may wish to first alter the way the string is tied around the middle of the pom pom depending on how you wish to hang the finished product. Instructions come with the pom pom showing how to expand it. 
You may like to also watch our Utube video to show how to DIY and puff up the pom pom:


This pom pom measures approximately 37cm long before puffing up. Once you have puffed out the pom pom, you can then hang the pom pom  for a stunning effect. 
This simple tissue paper pom pom ball is perfect for decorating any event. This pom pom is light and beautiful and creates a great effect on a budget. 
It is perfect to hang over lolly buffets.

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