Sand Unity Ceremony Photo Frame Together Forever


This sand unity frame is a unique way to incorporate a sand unity ceremony into your wedding day. Instead of having a vase of sand as a  momento, you will have this decorative photo frame where you can also put a photo of your special day in.
During your wedding ceremony you can pour the sand into the frame. Then afterwards, you can place in a special photo, seal up the vase and have a lovely momento from your day.

The top of the frame slides open, and you can remove the styrofoam so that the sand can be poured in the back of the frame.
Please note: Leave the back piece of glass in the frame, as that is designed to keep the sand away from your photo. Only the front piece of glass is removable, and that is so that you can insert your photo.

The frame measures approximately 28cm wide x 23cm tall. The frame is designed to hold a photo measuring 4" x 6". The frame holds quite a lot of sand. If filled up to a little under half way like the sand in the image, you will need around 3 cups of sand.

We sell many colors of sand in our store which can be used with this sand unity frame.