Rose Gold Silver Sequin Tablecloth or Sparkly Material Backdrop


1 metre x 1.5 metre Sequin Wedding Tablecloth.

This is a truely beautiful piece of sequin material to suit a bling, sparkle or lavish wedding theme.
Each tablecloth measures approximately 1 metre x 1.5 metres.
The tablecloth is made of a gorgeous small sequin fabric.
The edges are sewn neatly.

These table runners are sold individually. Simply purchase the quantity needed.
They are perfect to place on your guests tables, or to use as an accent on the bridal table, lolly buffet or gift table. They can also be used as a backdrop in your photo booth.

In our picture we have the cloth on a 6 foot table with no overhang at the back, so it can hang a little at the front for added decoration.
Please note that this sequin material is different to our other sequin runners and larger tablecloth so does not match perfectly with them. This gold is a brighter gold.