Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Vase


This sand unity vase is an ideal item to incorporate a sand unity ceremony into your wedding day. The vase of sand is a decorative momento of your special day.

We recommend making some kind of a funnel for the top of the vase, this can be achieved with paper, for you to easily pour the sand into the vase during your wedding ceremony. You can either purchase small vases or use containers such as wine glasses to hold the sand in prior to pouring in the vase.

The vase stands approximately 26 cm from the bottom of the stand to the top of the lid.

The black stand measures approximately 11 cm high. 
When filled to the top, the vase holds almost 3 cups of sand (2 and 2/3 cups).
The vase comes with a stopper lid which fits tightly into the vase.

We sell many colors of sand in our store which can be used with this sand unity vase. We also sell other sand ceremony containers.