12 x Baby Cupcake Wrappers


Wrap you cupcakes in these beautiful baby pram designed wrappers to add a touch of class to your baby shower cupcakes.
Choose the colour you require: ivory, lilac purple, green, light blue, dark blue or pink (salmon pink) colour. A mixture of colours looks great too!

5 of the coloured cupcake wrappers are made of a pearl finish, so they have a slight shine under light. Please note: The light blue cupcake wrapper does not have a pearl finish.
These wrappers have been laser cut with a gorgeous baby word and pram pattern around the top of the wrappers giving a stunning finish to your cupcakes.

The cupcake wrappers measures approximately 5cm high, and 8cm diameter across the top and 5cm diameter across the base.
These wrappers are made for decorative purposes and are not suitable for baking in.
Once cooled, simply wrap your cupcake in these wrappers to make a cute baby shower favour and decorative piece.

Please note: On our laser cut products, the lovely designs are produced by using a very fine laser etching on the paper. As a result, particularly on the lighter colours, you may see a tiny bit of brown on some tiny sections of the edges from the laser burn. This is minimal and only noticeable if you look very closely.