10 x White Heart Place Cards for Glasses


These heart cards are a creative way of having place cards. Simply write the guests name on the card, and slip it on to a glass. 
The cards have a slit cut from the base of the heart which you can use to sit onto the lip of the glass.
They are laser cut showing lovely decorative detail around the top of the heart. The place cards are perfect for adding the finishing touches to your wedding, party or dinner tables.

These placecards measure nearly 8 cm across at the widest part and approx 8 cm high.
Please note: On our laser cut products, the lovely designs are produced by using a very fine laser etching on the paper. As a result, particularly on the lighter colours, you may see a tiny bit of brown on some tiny sections of the edges from the laser burn. This is minimal and only noticeable if you look very closely.